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professional Instagram linking

Instagram can either be a great source of awareness, or a great source of traffic. Your choice... but we think you should choose traffic.



How it works

With one profile link (that you never have to change), Postinfo optimizes traffic out of Instagram, increasing clicks to your sites.

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Increase clicks in 3 easy ways

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Permanent Links

Create permanent links to your favorite websites. Attach discounts directly to your links

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Favorite Products

Share the products you most use and love with your followers (trust us, they want to know)

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Clickable Feed

Create a clickable feed of your posts simply by including a url in the post caption


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Why use Postinfo?


Drive more traffic to your sites

Instagram makes it hard for followers to reach your sites. Postinfo lets you send your followers where you want them to go!

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Save time

Put your linking on auto-pilot and spend more time doing what you love - creating and sharing amazing posts.

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Help your followers

Your followers ask 'where'd you get that?' and 'what do you use?' all the time, right? Give them the answers, all in one place.