Your Facebook Pixel

Your business may already have Facebook pixels on your existing website. These pixels can be used for tracking what users perform certain actions. When used with Facebook ads the pixels help optimize towards conversions such as a purchase.

Adding a Facebook pixel to Postinfo will give you an idea of what Facebook users visit and what they click. The audience can be compared to your website audience and used in advertising campaigns.

Learn more about Facebook pixels on Facebook


Adding a Facebook pixel to your Postinfo page is easy. Simply click the gear icon and under Advanced Settings enter the Facebook Pixel ID.

fb pixel.png


There are 2 main types of Facebook events used for page views and clicks. Page view events happen when the Postinfo page is viewed. Clicks occur when a post or a menu link is clicked.

  • Page View
    • Event: PageView
    • Location URL: https://postinfo.co/:username
  • Click
    • Event: ViewContent
    • Name: postinfo/click/:username/...

In the above examples ":username" is your username. The Location URL may be using another domain such as "viewrecip.es" if not viewed through postinfo.co. The click name will be followed by a post or menu link identifier.

To ensure your pixel is installed correctly and see more event details try the Pixel Helper.