Mobile Friendly Design

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We've cleaned up the design so that it's easy for you to edit your postinfo page from your phone. At the top of the page, you'll see icons for each section of your page. Click the icons to review and edit that section. 

At the bottom of your screen, you now have a 'Preview Page' button. Clicking this will show you what your page looks like to your followers.


Postinfo Products

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We surveyed Instagram users and discovered they really want to know what products you personally use and trust. The items you use almost daily to create the amazing content you do. (On the other hand, they are getting really sick of promoted products and #ads, so be careful!) So, in an attempt to give you one central place to share this information, we have created Postinfo Products. 

Click the + Product to add a product to your page. At the very least, you need to enter a product name, a url, and a photo:

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If you want to add more info, you can click the '+ Additional product info' link. This will expand more options, like pros, cons, usage tips, discount code, and more! This information will help your followers make a purchase decision:

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Link Discount Codes

We noticed that a lot of people were listing any discount codes they have directly in the button text. This is a bit messy so we've added the ability for you to add the discount code directly to the button. When clicked, the discount code will automatically be copied to your followers' clipboard so they can paste it at checkout.


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Customized Button Color

One of the main design updates you asked for was improved color customization. While we have a lot still in the works, we added Button Color customization in this recent update. This will make your page fit your brand and personality a bit better than the generic orange button! 

To change button colors, first click to settings. Then click the colored square next to 'Button Color'. You'll see a selection of colors for you to choose from!


Link URL Sharing for Instagram Stories

We realized that a lot of your links have discount codes attached to them for partnerships. We also noticed that you do a lot of Instagram Stories about these products and partnerships. If you want to help your followers use any discount codes you have for a product when sharing a Story, this is a great new feature for you! Now, when your followers swipe out of a story, the coupon code will automatically copy to their clipboard and they will be sent to your partners' website. They can then easily paste the code when checking out to use your discount! 

To get a URL to share in a story, first create a link for the product and add a discount code. Then, hit the share icon and click the copy button. Now, when sharing your story, just paste that URL and you're good to go!


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We've made a few improvements to analytics and will continue to do so. With this new update you can now see hourly analytics! This is important when trying to figure out the best time of day to post or what images drive your followers to click through the most. Click on any of the click icons through Postinfo to see analytics. 

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